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Renergia’s knowledgeable practitioners and network of industry experts will collaborate with your business to deliver tailored, investor-funded solutions that improve energy and cost savings.

We focus on 4 key areas:

Our Areas of Expertise
Funding & Asset Management

Funding & Asset Management

With a rigorous selection of assets, backed up by an experienced team and a strong platform. We are gearing up to achieve great results from the assets under management.

Options we can manage:

Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

Project Development

Project Development

Creating innovative solutions across the entire solar value chain




Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

O&M with Drones:

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance:

Core Technologies
Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Solar Photovoltaic Energy

We have the capacity, experience and access to “State-of-the-Art” Technology to add value to your Property Buildings. We can design, install, finance and deliver tailored investor-funded Solar Solutions that can yield substantial cost savings in your energy costs while reducing the global carbon footprint.

Rooftop Solar Systems

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

EV Charging Infrastructure

EV Infrastructure – EV Charging Stations

Between 2020 and 2026, the size of the global electric vehicle market is expected to increase over four-fold to reach an estimated global market size of some one trillion U.S. dollars by 2026 (Statista, 2022)

At the end of April 2022, there were 31507 charging points in the UK, across 19707 charging locations. This represents a 35% increase in the number of charging devices since April 2021 (Zap-Map, 2022)

EV Chargers provide the capacity to generate regular income stream and boost client traffic

Ability to increase brand exposure and push advertising through digital platform to network users

Hybrids (Multi-Purpose)

Hybrids (Multi-Purpose)

We provide stand-alone or hybrid solutions depending on the needs of the clients and the demands around its market.

Hybrid solutions may include solar-storage solutions (BESS), solar-EVs, solar-BESS-EVs

Renewable Assets Development Benefits
Free Assessments

Free Assessments and full-system customized quote with product specifications and proposed design

We only work

We only work with the best suppliers to meet your needs and budget

Highly Efficient

Highly Efficient and Clean Technology (Bifacial n-Type TOPCon cell).

We’ll explain your financial options

We’ll explain your financial options available to make the best value from your investment

Help us reduce the fossil fuel footprint

Help us reduce the fossil fuel footprint and make our planet a cleaner place to live with every solution we provide

We contribute to improving the lives of the poorest and most needed communities in harshly battered Venezuela by donating a share of our benefits to UK-based “Care Venezuela Charity” No. 1194266

experience excellence

Renewable Assets Co-Investment

Selection Criteria

We create effective ways to provide you with the best

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